Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Clarification on superfund site

After last night's post about the bitter negotiations regarding the funding of the cleanup of the superfund site in our house...aka my son's bedroom, I feel that I should clarify a few points.  Particularly after reading this article about "mommy bloggers" being attacked for their parenting styles, I felt that I should clarify!!

*  I do not "allow" Clay to have his bedroom (or bathroom) in such deplorable condition.

*  He is not, and has never, been allowed to take food out of the kitchen to the back of the house.

*  Although this has been a hard and fast rule in our home forever and ever and ever, since he turned into a human garbage disposal teenager, he takes food back to his room.  We HAVE tried grounding him, taking privileges away, etc.  It doesn't make a difference.  He continues to take food to his room.

* Both children are supposed to keep their rooms clean and make their beds every day.  Clay used to, before he became a hormonal,  teenager whose life revolves around sleeping, eating, and thinking about girls.

*  I used to go back and clean it for him, and then lecture him about KEEPING it clean.  I used to yell, and nag, and get all upset, and generally look something like this:
(except with darker hair, of course!)

Now, in order to maintain a healthy blood pressure and a more "zen" like attitude, I generally take this approach:

Or this one:

*  I DO still venture back to the pigsty, his room occasionally, just to see if we are in danger of having the house condemned...but for the most part I have adopted the "Don't ask, Don't tell" philosophy.  It's healthier (for me, anyway), and it has really cut down on our liquor bill.

*(P.S....ummm, that was a joke.  About the liquor.  Really.)
*(P.P.S....Clay was a bit annoyed with me because he thought that I "made" him look like a "loser" and Paige look like a "hero".  Hmmm...I think that I just reported the facts, but in the interest of fairness I will tell you that Clay really...um, well, he always...right.  OK.  Um, Clay always, REALLY, really means to keep his room clean.  He has good intentions.  Yeah.  that's it.  Good intentions.)

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