Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Welcome to my life....

It was a busy, busy day...more yard work, errands, laundry, and cleaning.  I changed the sheets on all the beds, did a TON of ironing that had piled up, cleaned the guest cottage, and made a wonderful dinner.  When Tim arrived home shortly after 8:00, I thought maybe I could lie down and finish the book I was reading.  I only had about 25 pages left...
But inevitably happens every single time I try to have some "alone" time...

"Hey Mom....look what I caught!  Isn't he cute?"

"Adorable, honey...but, um....I'm trying to read here....."

"OH.  Ok.  Bye"

Back to my book, and then....

"Mommy, can I make muffins?"

"I don't care - go ask Daddy.  I'm trying to read my book, honey."

Whew.  OK.  Back to my book......

"HA HA....Mom....."

"Hey, Mom, it's so should see all these geckos out here!  Do you want to come see?"

"Not right now.  I'm trying to finish my book."

"Oh, ok, but Mom, it's so funny....they arrange themselves on the wall according to size.  The big ones are on top and the smaller ones on the bottom, and in the middle are the medium sized ones.  It's so funny.  And there is one gecko out there that is THIS BIG!"

"Wow.  That's really funny.  Ok, then....."

"Oh, I should leave?"


"I love you."

"I love you too....."

Sigh.  Ok, then...NOW back to my book.....

"Ha Ha....Mommy, look - I made Medusa hair!!"

"Oh.  That's nice, sweetie."

"See!  I did it all by myself?  Neat, huh?"

(deep breath)
"Yes, Paigie - very neat.  Honey....Mommy's trying to finish her"

"OH!  Ok....."

"I love you."

"I love you too, honey"

Tim walks in at this point.
"So...the kids are bugging you?"

"A bit.  I'm just trying to finish my book.  I only have 20 pages left."


"squeek, meeoowww"


"meeooww.  squeek.  meeoowww"


(bigger sigh)

"Oh.  Ok....I'll go."

"Hey Mom....."

"CLAY!  What?  I'm trying to read!!"

"Sorry.  I just wanted to see Scout.  And bug her."

"Well, you're bugging me!!"

"Mom?  Hey!  Why do you keep taking pictures of me every time I come in here?"

"Every time.  Those would be the key words there, Paige."

"Hey Mom....Hey, what's with the camera?  Why do you keep taking pictues of me??"

"Why do you keep coming in here, Clay??"
"I'm trying to READ!!!"

"Mom - stop it!! I just wanted to ask...."



Good grief.  OK, I'm trying again....Only 20 more pages....


Purr Purr Purr Purr

"Mrrwww....Don't ignore me!!"

I give up.

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