Monday, March 28, 2011


We had a quiet weekend here at Casa VK. All of us were dreading the final stretch of school and all of the craziness that that entails and we were relishing the last couple of days of a mellow and relaxing spring break. Mr. Wonderful did a bit of yard work, I planted herbs and cooked, The Boy had friends over to fish and The Princess also had a friend come over to hang out.

Yesterday afternoon, when I was leaving to pick the kids up from youth group, I saw a huge bird in the tree outside our bedroom. I couldn't tell if it was an eagle or an osprey but I ran inside to fetch my camera and try to get a shot. Naturally, as soon as I had my camera in hand the uncooperative feather-brain flew off.

When I picked the kids up, I was telling them about the bird I saw. I asked The Boy to look at my camera so he could tell me what it was...his bird (and fish and airplane, etc. etc.) identification skills are far superior to mine.

The Boy picked up my camera and turned it on. He looked at the screen and then he turned to me with extreme pity in his eyes and said ruefully, "Mom...those are doves." Then he sighed. He thought dementia had set in for his poor old mom.

I had forgotten that as I was walking to the car, cursing the nincompoop, bashful Osprey/Eagle, I saw two doves sitting in our Crepe Myrtle tree (who didn't mind me or my camera at all!) and had taken a photo.

"No!", I giggled, "Go back further!"

He scrolled back a bit further and saw the pictures and informed me that it was an Osprey.

Then he began laughing. He gasped, in between chuckles, "Whew! I thought you had LOST it, Mom!" The Princess thought this was hilarious and began giggling and howling in mirth. 

Ah well....maybe you had to be there.

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