Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring is in the air and other random observations about nothing much at all

The other day a friend stopped by to send an email on our computer (because her internet connection was kaput, thanks to Comcast). She brought her aging Labrador, Lily, to have a play date with Lucy. Usually their play dates consist of smelling each other's nether regions and then lying down to take a nap.

On this day though, the two old ladies started feeling a little bit frisky. Maybe it was the crisp spring air, or the pollen. Maybe it was a full moon. Whatever it was, they definitely had a case of spring fever. They got a bit Thelma and Louise on us. One of them ate our leftover enchiladas off the kitchen counter...the other one was breaking all sorts of household rules. We let them outside and they took off after another old lady.

They chased poor old Roxy up a tree and then stood around looking quite proud of themselves and wagging their tails.

Dumb dogs. Mean old biddies.

Thankfully, Roxy is more spry than she looks and she made it safely back down the tree once the satanic beasts dogs were gone.

And then!

Spring fever struck again. This time it infected The Princess. She was caught serenading Lucy.
Loudly. Emphatically. Energetically. With slippers on.

Lucy appeared bemused.

I was happy I had my camera to capture the moment.

In other mind boggling news, The Boy's room is clean!
Actually, the whole house is clean!! It is spotless...the windows are fingerprint free, the furniture has ben lemon-oiled until it glows, the floors have been steam mopped and they shine. 

The only thing I have left to do is this...
The baskets full of the detritus of my purging and organizing of the past week. The stuff I don't know what to do with. The miscellaneous...stuff.

The crap.

In other random and otherwise can't miss news, The Princess left this morning to spend the week of Spring Break with a friend and her family in South and North Carolina...
The Boy popped his hip out of joint at Taekwondo practice last night and says he is now crippled. 

He's not. He just doesn't want to mow the lawn...he'd rather fish.

And Mr. Wonderful and I are going to tackle the last few things (that stupid pile of miscellaneous crap) and enjoy the weather and our clean house.

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