Saturday, March 5, 2011

Out with the with the new

The kids bathrooms, before:

Out with the old...
And in with the new!

The kid's bathrooms, after:

I still need to do some touch up painting, but they look much better!

Mr. Wonderful spent the day laying sod, and planting and doing other manly-type activities which caused him to sweat in a manly way, of course.
The Boy did yard work also, but he did it in his own inimitable way, with his own inimitable style!

The Princess did her chores and then went to a friend's house.

I sat around and ate bonbons and read magazines and supervised.

Yeah, I wish.

We all worked hard and a lot was accomplished today. Tonight, Mr. Wonderful is planning to introduce his son to wild and wacky world of Animal House.

I plan to hide in the mom-cave and pretend that I don't know what he is exposing my poor, sweet, innocent baby boy to. I plan to pamper myself with a bubble bath and put a mask on my face and paint my toenails.

I have to go now...the mom-cave is calling my name...

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