Sunday, March 20, 2011

The one about chest-thumping manliness, garrulous femininity and a Supermoon

The Princess is having a wonderful time with her friend in South Carolina. I know this because she texts or calls me several times a day...

"Hi Mom...we're in the car driving still."

"Hi Mom! We just ate breakfast."

"Hi Mommy...we're going shopping now."

"Hi - we're going to lunch now."

"We just saw some statues!"

"Hi Mom...did you see the picture of the waterfall? I just sent it to you!"

"Mommy...I love you!"

The Princess is a sweet girl who wants to share every minute of her adventure with us! I'm happy she lets me know what's going on with her. Whenever The Boy goes somewhere, I languish in ignorance until he arrives home. At camp for two weeks? I won't hear a peep from him the entire time he is gone. A weekend away with the youth group? Nothing.

Boys are SO different from girls.

It's the same with school. I'll ask The Boy how his day was and he'll respond with either a grunt or just say "fine." I'll ask him if he has homework and he'll respond with "A fair amount." Which frankly, could mean anything. The Princess on the other hand will regale me with every single, teeny-tiny detail of her day until my head is spinning.

"Guess what? ______has a huge crush on ______. OH! And in English we were all sitting there listening and then _______ did ________! HAHAHA! Ewwww....lunch was some gross kind of taco/spaghetti/salad kind of thing. Can I bring my lunch tomorrow? And also, I need $$ for a field trip in three months, OK? Plus, I forgot to tell you, but I have a huge project for History due in 8 months and I think I'll do it on __________. I should probably get started, right? And also, I have homework in ____________."

Getting information from The Boy is like pulling teeth. Whereas The Princess....

But anyway, I digress.

After getting three or four texts from The Princess yesterday morning, I puttered around doing various and sundry jobs around the house  One of which was changing the sheets and doing laundry. I'm happy to report, however, that I am still attempting my lenten goals of the 40 bags in 40 days and to lessen our carbon footprint. I hung the laundry on the clothesline rather than drying it in the dryer and I also gathered three more bags of outgrown clothes and outgrown games and miscellaneous stuff which we no longer need.

After my thrilling and stimulating morning of puttering, I headed to Whole Foods where I puttered some more. I bought a bunch of daffodils and I spent way too much money on yummy food. I do love that store, but it certainly is expensive!

And then when I came home, I found The Boy engrossed and captivated by the television. He was munching on snacks and was completely immersed in whatever he was watching.
I wondered what had captivated him so. Was it a movie?

Maybe it was a game?

It was...the news?

"Mom! This is so cool. We're kicking Qaddafi's butt! Yeah!"


If you are a girl, you are probably shaking your head in consternation and bemusement at this point (as I was.) If you are a boy, you are probably beating your chest and saying something manly such as, "Yeah baby! The US kicks butt! Don't mess with Uncle Sam"


Did you see the "supermoon" last night? It was beautiful. But honestly, it looked like every other full moon to me. It didn't seem any different or any closer. It was lovely though!

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