Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Truth is...

There is a trend on facebook right now where the kids write truth is as their status and then write a truth about whomever "likes" their status. I've decided to do my own version of truth is today because so many people have commented about how perfect or amazing my life appears on this blog. Others have made comments about how they know I did or didn't do something because I did or didn't write about it on my blog. Still others have commented in puzzlement over why I appear stressed when my life appears so easy and wonderful.

First, I must explain that I love my life and my family. I am very lucky and I do know it. However, my life is certainly not always easy or amazing and it is definitely not perfect.

My blog is a continual work in progress. It is an expression of me and of how I am feeling at certain times. It is a representation of my life but not necessarily an accurate or precise recitation of events. I share with you glimpses of my life but not everything from my life. Think of this blog as my version of the Christmas letter!

To be perfectly honest, I sometimes share an event that happened one morning along with an anecdote from another evening and a quote from a separate afternoon. I may combine them to make it appear as if they all happened that very day. It's called poetic license and I use it! I do not tell you everything that is happening. For one thing, it would be yawn-inducing most of the time. For another thing, well, some things are just none of your business. No offense, dear readers!

The truth is...

  • I mention some, not all, of what is going on with our family. For example, I have chronic migraines. If I mention that I have had a migraine on this blog, the reality is that I have probably had it for several days. I have many, many more migraines which I never mention.
  • I try not to dwell on the negative...but my life is far from perfect. We have financial worries, constant stress over our children (they are teenagers!) and the pets and the house and our parents and Mr. Wonderful's job and the economy and on and on and on... The fact that I am not talking about them doesn't mean that they do not exist. Trust me, they exist. 
  • Life isn't always easy. For any of us. If I appear stressed on the blog, even while sharing photos of glorious sunrises, I probably am stressed (again, I HAVE TEENAGERS!) I'm sorry if that bothers anyone but that's life. 

I love my blog and sharing snippets from our lives. I love reading your comments. I thought it was time to come clean with you though - this blog is a look at parts of our lives, not all of it. I share a lot (maybe too much) but not everything. If you think that my life looks easy and wonderful then I'm glad that I have been successful in focusing on the positive and it IS wonderful in so many ways...but it is not perfect. 

The truth is that no one lives a perfect life. We all have stresses and irritations and problems. We're all just muddling through the best way we know how. Some of us exercise to deal with stress, some of us like to pretend that everything is OK even when it clearly isn't, and some of us write about things in order to make sense of them or in order to vent. I write, and I take pictures and I try to laugh. 

The truth is that I am not a perfect being. Like this blog, I am a work in progress. 

And that's the truth.

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