Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Princess is home!

The Princess is home from her Spring Break trip! Hooray!

Welcome Home, Princess! Did you have fun?
Yes Ma'am!

Tell me about your friend "C", who invited you to tag along on their family trip. 
She's pretty and funny and just a lot of fun to be around. And she is always really, really nice! We had fun together.

How was the drive up?
But we had fun, anyway.
We waved at people in the other cars...but they didn't wave back. We read magazines and listed to our ipods. 
You went to Spartanburg first, because her brother was doing a BMW driving course? Tell me about Spartanburg.
Well...when we got to the hotel, we were a little punchy from being in the car for so long! 
And then the next day we went and explored Greenville, which is a pretty cool town. It reminded me of Europe, kinda, because there were little shops and people would live above the shops. And also, most people seemed to be walking around instead of driving. And also, there was a waterfall downtown.
We also went to the BMW Museum.

After leaving Spartanburg, you spent a couple of days in Asheville, NC. What did you do there?
We went to The Biltmore House. It was BIG! 

There were really pretty gardens. The person who designed the gardens also designed Central Park in NY. The flowers were amazing!

I really like that picture of the bicycle - what made you take it?
I don't know, really, It just looked cool and I liked it!

What else did you do while you were in North Carolina?
We went to the mountains, and it was cold! Brrrrrrr........
We saw more waterfalls.

And clouds!

I really liked the mountains.
Except for the cold part!

What else did you do?
Then we drove to the Dillard House in northern Georgia, which was SO cool! C and I played tennis for a little while and the lunch was AMAZING. I've never seen so much food in my life!

And then!! They had a little farm/zoo in the back!
There was a llama!

His name was Cha-ching. But I thought that was a stupid name, so I called him Carl. He looks like a Carl, don't you think?

He's so cute, isn't he? Carl was my favorite!

There was also a pony who kept making this face whenever he wanted you to feed him. Which was ALL the time.

And there was a rooster, who was SO annoying.

There were baby goats too! They were only a couple of days old, and they were the cutest things ever. 

Mom, can I have a pet goat?


How about a pet Llama?



What was your favorite part of your trip?
I suppose I can't say the Llama? Hmmm....either the Biltmore House or the mountains. And the waterfalls. Plus, spending time with C. She's awesome.

Well, I am so happy you're home...I missed you!
Aawww. I'm glad to be home and I missed you too!

So...have you written your thank you note yet?

I mean...I'm going to go do that right now!

I love you, sweetie!
I love you too, Mom.

Are you sure I can't get a Llama? They're so cute!

Go write your thank you note.
Yes ma'am.

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