Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ten things on Tuesday

1. The Princess has been sick since last week...just a bad cold, really, but she has a sore throat and a terrible cough. She's missed a lot of ballet and is thoroughly sick of being sick.

2. Uh Oh. I just picked The Boy up from school with a terrible headache and sore throat. This little virus appears to be quite contagious.

3. I am taking zinc, vitamin c, and echinacea now. A lot of it...I really, really, really can't afford to be sick!

4. I'm trying to be a good Florence Nightingale type of mommy...but I can't help wincing everytime one of them coughs near me. I'm turning into a germophobe! Where's my hand sanitizer? And the Lysol?

5. In the midst of all the sniffling and coughing going on around here, I am also trying to pack for The Princess, who will hopefully be well by Friday, because she is going on a spring break trip to North Carolina with a good friend and her family.

6. I'm also trying to finish all of my house projects. The realtor is coming to take photos the day after tomorrow...plus, he also gave me a couple of more "assignments" such as packing away all of our DVD's and CD's from the bookshelves in the living room. Apparently they make it look cluttered. Bah. Then he asked to pack away all of my canal houses and various kitchen-y knick knacks from the top of the kitchen cabinets. I know my limits though - I looked at him quite seriously and said, "It's not gonna happen." Maybe later, but not by Thursday. 

7. The house is about 90% ready. It's that last 10% which is driving me crazy! The detritus of our messy closets and messy lives is strewn about in every room...neatly stacked little piles which announce, "She has no idea what to do with us!" 

8. Also, please take note of the fact that although I am busy tackling the piles of jetsam in our house and dispensing medicine and ginger ale (along with the aforementioned hand sanitizer and liberal doses of Lysol), the pets continue to shed hair like crazy and the laundry continues to pile up. Which, frankly, is starting to annoy me. Enough with the tumbleweeds of pet hair and dirty clothes - enough!!

9. The good news is that I stocked up on coffee creamer so I should have enough fuel (coffee) to keep me moving.

10. The other good news is that there was another breathtaking sunrise this morning. I took my camera and my coffee on the dock this morning to absorb the peace and tranquility of the morning before I had to jump into the chaos and sickness of the day. It energized and inspired me. Look out world - here I come!

"Be still and know that I am God."  Psalm 46:10

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