Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mental health day

It is a rainy day. The lake is enveloped with leaden, gray clouds which are drenching us with much needed rain.

Lightning flashes illuminate the granite skies and the boom of thunder echoes ponderously through the air.

I am pleased. I awoke at 5:00 am with a pounding headache (the weather?) and since I have no plans at all for the day, I am looking forward to a quiet day nestled snugly inside my cozy home.

I have a book to read. The laundry is, for once, all caught up. Perhaps I'll take a nap. Maybe I'll watch the raindrops falling on the placid surface of the lake. 

Today, happiness is a rainy day.
It is the sound of raindrops pattering on the roof.
It is the feeling of tranquility that an empty schedule and a rainy day can bring to a harried mother.
Today, happiness is quiet solitude, a cup of tea, a good book and a cat to snuggle in my lap.  
Today is Mommy's mental health day.

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