Sunday, March 13, 2011

The one about mean kids, camping, flowers and surly celebrity impersonations

The Boy got home late yesterday afternoon from a "team meeting" for Happening (a weekend retreat for high school kids in the Diocese.) Last year he went as a "candidate" and he said that it was a life changing experience for him. He is really looking forward to Happening this year as a team member!

He arrived home in the afternoon and had time for a quick shower before heading out to a sweet sixteen party for a friend from his old school. To our surprise, he was home by 9:30 pm. He told us that he wasn't having much fun and that he was completely snubbed by all his old friends. No one talked to him - they just ignored him.

I feel so sad for my sweet boy. I hate it when other kids are mean to my kids. Truly, it breaks my heart. There is nothing that I can do to help them. I know that they have to experience stuff like this...I know that it will make them stronger. But I hate it. I. Hate. It.


While The Boy was in Tallahassee, Mr. Wonderful and I....
made sun tea...

and re-potted the pool plants...
I painted...
And  packed all of the family photos away and framed some photographs and hung them...

and Mr. W pressure washed everything...

The he went all "Sean Penn" and tried to attack the paparazzi!

I weeded my herb garden and inhaled the heady aroma of trees full of citrus blossoms. The bees were flitting around and the breeze off the lake was invigorating. 

And then I stopped procrastinating (again) and went back to painting.


The Princess has been sick the past few days and has been lying around coughing and feeling yucky. She discovered an item which had been sitting in the attic for years and christened it the recovery house.

She was happily ensconced in their little childhood tent...
with her ipod and a speaker and her e-reader. Camping has apparently gone high-tech!

It is going to be an absolutely gorgeous day today - highs in the lower 70's and clear blue skies. Flowers are blooming everywhere.I really don't want to spend another day cooped inside.

I must, though. Tomorrow our realtor is coming by to have us sign the papers to list the house. We are in the final push to have everything ready, so today will once again be spent painting and scrubbing and shining. 

Still...we're almost finished. And the house is looking very nice.

There's light at the end of the tunnel.

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