Monday, March 7, 2011

Duck, Duck, Goose

This morning, at Oh-Dark-Thirty, I drove The Boy to school. When I got home I sat down to read the paper and enjoy the quiet morning with a cup of coffee.

As I was sipping that magical, life-giving elixir, I heard a cacophony of strange, discordant noises from the back.

I walked outside and saw this pair.

The goose in front was busily gorging himself, while the goose in back was loudly  bellowing, continuously.

It's only conjecture, but I'm guessing that the goose in front - the one stuffing his face and ignoring the jarring, earsplitting sounds behind him - is the male. The husband, so to speak.

Again, it's only a guess but I believe the goose in the front (we'll call him Mister), has annoyed the goose in the back (we'll call her Missus) and is now ignoring her. And we all know how aggravating that can be! (Not that it has ever happened to me, of course!)

I believe that Missus was scolding her mate.

She waded along behind him while he stuffed his face, admonishing him vociferously in her strident, raucous,  harsh, piercing, honking way.

Mister blithely continued on his merry way, studiously ignoring his angry mate, while Missus followed him through the water, hissing and honking her displeasure all the while.

I silently cheered her on.

You go, girl!

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