Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Morning Musings: the Quasimodo Showtunes edition

As I sat this morning, sipping my coffee, watching the sunrise, and thinking of the myriad of things I needed to do today, I was pondering a few things.

First, I brooded over the fact that I won't be able to have a second cup of coffee today because Thing #1 (The Boy) has developed a fondness for my Italian Sweet Cream creamer in his coffee and only left enough for me to have one cup. Which, frankly, strikes me as just wrong on so many levels that I don't even know where to begin. My creamer should be verboten. Shouldn't it?

As I lamented my lack of creamer, I was humming under my breath. I have been doing this for a week and truthfully, it's getting on my nerves. I watched the 25th anniversary of Les Miserables last week on PBS and now I cannot get the songs out of my head! Don't get me wrong - I LOVE Les Mis! I've seen it in London three or four times and it is my all-time favorite stage production. Except for Cats, which Mr. Wonderful hates. But anyway, we both love Les Mis. I just wish I could get the songs out of my head because singing "thinks he's quite a lover, but there's not much there!" and
"God knows how I've lasted, living with this bastard of the house" under my breath has generated some strange looks from people in Publix and Target! 

While I  bemoaned my lack of creamer and hummed "Do you hear the people sing, singing the song of angry men?" under my breath, I have been trying to rotate my shoulders which have huge knots in them from painting baseboards for two days. I feel like Quasimodo.

Then, for some reason (perhaps a lack of caffeine?), I started thinking about a song I used to love. I was in 5th grade and I loved, loved, loved this song. I played it over and over and sang along (loudly and out of tune, but energetically). I remember the song so well but I can't remember the name of it and it is driving me crazy! It was 1973 or 74 and it was a mushy, sentimental song about a horse. Argh. Does ANYONE remember this song? I'm betting that my friend Laurie will know what I'm talking about...Laurie? Help?

OK. Now I have rambled on about nothing at all. It's because I really, really need another cup of coffee. I can't think clearly. And I have strange songs bouncing around in my head. I'm sitting here with an empty coffee cup humming show tunes and feeling like Quasimodo with my hunched, aching shoulders trying to remember the name of a stupid song about a horse from 1973! 

Yep, it's definitely Monday.

Whew! My friend Laurie has saved my sanity (once again) by knowing exactly what song I was talking about. She is my 1970's and 1980's guru!

Thanks, Laurie!

The song I was thinking about was Wildfire by Michael Murphey.

She comes down from Yellow Mountain
On a dark flat land she rides
On a pony she named Wildfire
With a whirlwind by her side
On a cold Nebraska night

Oh they say she died one winter
When there came a killin’ frost
And the pony she name Wildfire
Busted down his stall
In a blizzard he was lost

She ran calling Wildfire
She ran calling Wildfire
She ran calling Wildfire

By the dark of the moon I planted
But there came an early snow
There’s been a hoot owl howlin’ by my window now
For six nights in a row
She's coming for me I know
And on Wildfire we're both gonna go

We’ll be riding Wildfire
We’ll be riding Wildfire
We’ll be riding Wildfire

On wildfire we’re gonna ride, oh
We’re gonna leave sodbustin’ behind
Get these hard times right on out of our minds
Riding Wildfire 

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