Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ah...go fly a kite!

It's been quite windy the past couple of days. I bought kites for the kids and they decided that today was a perfect day to try them out.

The Boy decided to try from the dock...
There was certainly enough wind...and he started out OK...

But somehow, the kite kept ending up in the water.

I decided to go see how The Princess was doing...

Hmm...not bad!

"This is fun!"


"This is HARD!"

I decided to leave The Princess alone with her kite and go see how The Boy was doing.

I found that he had attached his kite to a fishing pole and was feeding it out...

"Oh, honey...I don't think that's....."

"Wow! It really works!"

"I told you so!"

The Princess came out to the dock and she seemed to be getting the hang of it, too...

Well, sort of.

It was a fun, blustery day!

And just for the record...nothing in the world makes me happier than seeing my children cooperating and doing something happily together.


Except...maybe chocolate.

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