Monday, May 16, 2011

A Monday minute...

This morning, as The Boy was walking out the door on his way to school, I asked him if his room was clean since we have another showing on the house this afternoon. He assured me that it was. I asked about his bathroom. He assured me he had left it clean as well. I asked him to go out on the dock and make sure he hadn't left his cast net lying around.

After I had my coffee, I walked back to his room to make sure it was neat.

It wasn't.

His bed wasn't made. There were dirty clothes lying everywhere. There was a box of crackers under his bed and cups and water bottles everywhere. It was awful. 

Mama wasn't happy.

I grumbled and cleaned his room, but as I was gathering armfuls of dirty clothes and filling his wastebaskets up with scraps of paper and food refuse (which had previously been all over his floor), I wondered...if this is his idea of clean, I'd really HATE to see what his idea of dirty looks like!

The Boy and I are going to have to have a little chat when he gets home this afternoon. I doubt he'll enjoy this chat much. 

In the midst of all my grumbling and frenzied sanitizing of the teenage boy's bedroom, Mr. Wonderful said, "Hey, it looks like the shuttle is lifting off in a couple of minutes."

Oh shoot! I forgot (in the midst of The Boy's personal Armageddon)!

I scurried around looking for my camera and, still in my nightgown, ran out to the dock to try to get a picture of Endeavor's last liftoff. The sun was bright and reflected off the water, there were clear blue skies. It was a beautiful morning. Unfortunately, I wasn't quite fast enough to get many shots but I did manage to get a couple.

You can see the contrail in these. I decided to play around with one and came up with this...

Which I thought was kind of cool looking!

Anyway, now I have procrastinated enough for the day and I have to get back to cleaning. Yeehaw.

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