Sunday, May 29, 2011

I'll have the lettuce wraps with a side order of thunder and lightning, please.

We celebrated Mr. Wonderful's birthday Friday evening. The kids and I planned a wonderful dinner and they were helping me to cook fried rice with chicken, ham and shrimp and lettuce wraps. Everything was coming along nicely when it began pouring outside. We saw a flash of light and simultaneously heard a huge clap of thunder. The Princess and I shrieked and the power went out. The rice and lettuce wrap filling was still cooking on the stove. We were all hungry and it was dark and scary.

We were bummed.

Mr. Wonderful lived up to his name when he decided to fire up the grill. I transported my pans outside and finished cooking our asian feast on the grill, with water dripping on my head. It took a bit longer but it tasted just as good. We all agreed that this birthday dinner was one to remember as we ate it by the light of candles and flashlights, with the cacophony of booming thunder and drumming rain and an electric light show outside the windows.

After eating, I tried to read my book by candle light and the kids kept the world wide web informed with frequent updates on the storm to facebook...
Perhaps you are wondering why The Boy is wearing sunglasses night...while it is storming outside? It's because his loving and dedicated mother pulled out her camera.

He's contrary like that.

The Princess multi-tasked by keeping the world informed on the progress of the storm by texting AND by updating facebook!

The birthday boy relaxed and tried to reassure Lucy. She did NOT like all that thunder.

Lettuce wrap recipe can be found on the Mommie Dearest Strikes Again Facebook page, under "notes."

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