Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ten things on a Thursday: Because my brain is taking a sick day and I'm feeling lazy

1. Thank you for all of the feel better soon wishes. I am feeling much better but I have a bit of an "Imitrex Brain" (light headed, wooozy & kind of out of it), hence the list form for today's post.

2. Didn't The Princess do a good job filling in for me? "Fake tanners look like Oompa Loompas." Ha! I love that girl!

3. I hate migraines. I really hate migraines.

4. The magnolia trees are all blooming here now. I keep trying to get a picture of a blossom, but they're all too high and a weird angle. This was the best I could do.

5. Last night, while I was lying in bed cursing the little homicidal leprechaun stabbing me behind my eye (I have no idea where that came from - Imitrex Brain, remember?), I saw this...

And it was truly a spectacularly gorgeous moon!

6. This morning, before driving The Boy to school, I saw a ton of birds outside. I went out to take some pictures...

Because, even though I am NOT a morning person, I do enjoy early mornings on the lake. If I have to be awake anyway, I mean. Truthfully, I'd really rather be curled up in my nice, comfy bed.

7. It wasn't until I was loading these pictures onto my laptop that I noticed the other visitor. Do you see him in the background there? Yep...that's Stan out there. How did I not notice him this morning? Oh, right...Imitrex Brain.

8. I'm thinking that this has got to be the most boring post ever. But, since that's about the extent of the thinking capabilities of my brain today, it'll have to do. I do have little snippets floating around in a disjointed fashion that may amount to something. Later.

9. The other day I picked up something called Falafel Chips at the Fresh Market. They sounded interesting and I thought I'd give them a try. I made homemade hummus and they were a big hit. Plus they're pretty healthy. I think I may have to take another trip out there to pick up a couple more bags of these.

10. Because The Princess's post yesterday made me think about MY pet peeves, I thought I'd share one of mine. 

* People out looking at homes, who look at the photos and video of my home online - the pictures of our quirky, 40 year old, ranch style house...where it specifically says our house is only 2500 square feet...who make an appointment to see it...which means that we spend the day cleaning and polishing our home to a fare-thee-well...and then these people show up, walk through the house in 5 minutes, curl their lips and sneer, "Hmm. I thought it would be bigger."

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