Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Update: The somnolent, lazy edition

Because my migraine came back, again, I spent most of the weekend lying in bed in a dark room with an ice pack on my head. I asked The Princess to take pictures of stuff throughout the weekend though - and she did a great job! 

Since I'm feeling ever so much better, finally, I thought I'd share the excitement with you all...

The Boy spent most of Saturday on the dock with his...friend, K.
Jack and Gus napped...
The Boy and K fished...
And Jack...

and Gus rested...

It was hot. Really hot. In the mid 90's.
The fish really weren't biting, although the kids did each catch something. Something little and pathetic, but still, something.

While the kids were catching the cute little fish (and then releasing them), the cats were, umm, taking another catnap...

The kids decided to give up on fishing.

And The Princess submerged herself in the pool and read her book.

Meanwhile, guess what the cats were doing?
Good grief!

Really? Really?

Is this what you two do ALL DAY?

In my next life, I definitely want to be a cat!

You can see that it was another scintillatingly thrilling weekend for us...but except for the ridiculous, heinous migraine part, we like it that way!

How was your weekend?

(Just as a little side note...has anyone else noticed that Jack, who is 6 months younger than Gus, is TWICE HIS SIZE?!)
You'd make a heck of a pie, chubby!

Does anyone remember that commercial? I think it was for Fruit of the Loom...

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