Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday's to do list


* I am scrambling around trying to firm up plans for the summer, since I just realized this morning that there is only one more month of school! Both kids want to attend the church camp...check. The Boy wants to work a couple of weeks of the church camp as a "leader in training"...check. The Princess wants to do a summer intensive for ballet. She also wants to do rhythmic gymnastics. Which creates a bit of a conflict, especially since we may also be doing a bit of traveling this summer. I have spent the morning comparing dates on the calendar and looking at possibilities and I am still stymied. The Princess is just going to have to give something up. 

* The Princess has SAT testing this week, from 1:30-4:30 each afternoon. Which means that she will not be able to attend her ballet classes downtown. Which means that I do not have to drive her downtown. Which, obviously, absolutely breaks my heart.  

* All sarcasm aside, I'm thrilled with this slight break from our usual draining routine of driving 45 minutes in rush hour traffic, each way. I'm looking forward to having slow, mellow evenings and family dinners for the next few evenings.

* Our bug service is coming his afternoon to spray our house for fleas. Which really bugs me!

* The thing is, all of our pets are inside animals. Well, obviously, Lucy the dog goes outside to do her business...but the rest of the time she is an inside dog. All of our pets are also on flea preventative. But. We live in Florida. This means that while we have warm winters and nice weather most of the year and get to see manatees and eagles and watch the space shuttle from our dock...we also have bugs. Lots of bugs. And this year the animals, even though they have all been treated with flea preventative, have been scratching and scratching and scratching. And driving us crazy with the constant scratching. So....we are going on the offensive with  the dad-gum fleas. I don't know if the stupid fleas have built up an immunity to Advantage, or what the problem is...but, as I said, it is  really bugging me.

* While The Princess is doing her testing this afternoon, I will be perusing the aisles at Target to stock up on fun stuff like paper towels and shampoo and toothpaste. Then I will be foraging at Whole Foods looking for inspiration for a nice family dinner. And then I will make a little pit stop at Barnes and Noble because I need a book to read. Any suggestions?

* And finally, I'm going to make some long-procrastinated doctor and dentist appointments for myself. And I am also gong to schedule a long-overdue hair appointment for myself. 

* Now, I'm through procrastinating and I'm going to get going with my list...
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