Monday, May 9, 2011

A weekend recap...

I had a wonderful Mother's Day...breakfast in bed, flowers, a new tripod for my camera, and I did absolutely nothing all day. It was heavenly!

In spite of my lazy, self-indulgent, fabulous day yesterday, today I feel like I am going in 50 different directions at once. I need to slow down and regain the zen-like sense of equanimity I had yesterday. Or else I need another cup of coffee. 

Saturday we had a showing on the house...I got the call the day before, so I had lots of time to clean the house and make it look pretty. I shampooed the carpet and washed throw rugs and scrubbed grout . Unfortunately, one of the throw rugs I, shed. The dryer was filled with pink (from The Princess's room) fuzzy things. I didn't realize until 2 hours before the showing, when my washing machine refused to drain and began flashing an error code and I had a huge load of sopping wet pool towels, that the stupid, pink, fluffy throw rug had also apparently shed and clogged up my washing machine. 

That was a fun time for the family as they witnessed my in a bit of a tizzy - sweating and cursing and trying to wring out the towels as much as possible while grumbling and glaring at my poor family and silently daring anyone to say anything. Mommie dearest definitely struck again.

All's well that ends well, though and I did successfully manage to wring most of the water from the sopping towels and get them in the dryer without too much water ending up on the laundry room floor. It needed to be mopped anyway! The house was clean and our realtor said it showed well. The people were here for an hour. 

When we got home,  the kids jumped in the pool with the dog and Mr. Wonderful and I enjoyed an ice cold beer. We had earned it.

The kids had fun pretending to be Seal Tim Six and James Bond characters (I'm guessing here!) and kept yelling, "Mom...get a picture of this!" as they jumped in the water whilst posing. 

Lucy was having a grand old time swimming around and chasing her ball, until she chewed it a bit too much and it developed a hole and sank. She pawed and pawed at the water, trying to get to her ball. For some reason, this just amused me to no end.

It's possible the beer  had something to do with my amusement.

Also this weekend:

*It has smelled smoky because there is a big fire in the Okefenokee Swamp and the smoke keeps drifting our way...

*We couldn't open any windows because of the smoky smell, but this was fine because it was too hot anyway. Temps in the low 90's = air conditioning time!

* We've seen more gators. I did get more pictures, but I also managed to (somehow) delete them from my eye-fi card. Again. I really need to figure out how that keeps happening.

* The Boy thinks the gators are hanging around so much this year because there are hundreds of baby mullet. I also had a photo of the hundreds of baby mullet, but that also somehow managed to get deleted.

* I heard bad news about an old friend from the airline Mr. Wonderful and I used to fly for back when we first met who has been hospitalized with multiple brain tumors. He was always one of my favorite pilots. He was from France and would always make an announcement to the passengers before departure welcoming them aboard and informing them that they were very lucky to be flying with some of the airline's finest "sky angels" (said in a thick French accent) and would end by asking one of the "sky angels" to please bring him a cup of coffee. He always had a cup of black coffee in hand. If you feel so inclined, please join me in sending prayers to Maurice.

And now I need to call a repairman for the washing machine and make mind-numbing phone calls and do busywork.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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