Tuesday, May 10, 2011

No more wire hangers!

Yesterday, while The Princess was at her ballet class and I was browsing through the used bookstore in an attempt to make the time not drag quite as slowly as it usually does, I found this movie...

I am nervously excited about watching it with the kids this weekend. You see, the name of this blog is derived from this movie. On rare occasions, when my precious teenaged angels have been known to drive me absolutely bonkers, I may possibly have occasionally gone a just teeny-tiny bit Joan Crawford on them. Occasionally. A teensy-tiny bit. Really, more of an impression. 


Anyway, I am hoping that the kids will watch this movie and say, "But Mom, you're nothing like that!" That would be good. That would make me happy.


If they should say something along the lines of, "Oh, yeah. I see why you called the blog that now. That makes sense" I shall cry. I shall be sad.

And then I will tell them....

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