Friday, July 9, 2010

16 years ago today was my due date...obviously Clay took his time and didn't actually arrive on his due date, but this is the date that was marked on my little pregnancy calender and circled in red.

I was going to post a photo of me nine months pregnant, but I wasn't able to find I used the one above instead.  In retrospect, this is just as well.  It's NOT a pretty picture.  I was humongous.  I remember each week thinking that I couldn't possibly get any larger.  But I did.  Each time Tim would come home from a trip, he would look at me and say in astonishment, "My God - you're HUGE!"  Which would (naturally!) make me cry and have to consume a box of Captain Crunch cereal (or a steak or hamburger, or a hot fudge sundae....) to make myself feel better.

I have no idea why I gained so much weight.

Clay's actual birthday is Sunday, but he has chosen today to celebrate his birthday - he's having a few friends over for swimming and a bonfire (of course) later this afternoon.

A few other things going on at the VK's:

- Tim has been studying the manual for the new (hybrid) car.  Then he will go sit in it and study the manual some more.  Then he tries to explain everything to me.  Me?  I just want to go drive it and figure things out as I go.  Don't get me wrong - I HAVE looked at the manual to learn about it...I just haven't memorized it.  Tim wants to wait to drive it until he has learned everything about it. 

- Clay, who you may remember was going through a typical teenage stage the past few months and driving me crazy, has been so good lately.  Very helpful around the house, pleasant to his sister, and just generally a delight to be around.  I LOVE it.  Tim loves it too, but is a teeny tiny bit suspicious of his "Eddie Haskell" act as he calls it.  

- Jack (the crazy, wild tuxedo kitten), is 5 months old now.  In three weeks he will get snipped and declawed.  We cannot wait.  He is such a lovebug in the mornings though...he jumps on the paper while you are trying to read it, climbs in your lap, and purrs and purrs and purrs...all while looking up at you like you are God's gift to little kitties.  It's not a bad way to start a day, being completely adored.

- The real estate market here in the Jacksonville area is still not so hot.  Our house is still for sale, but we haven't had any showings in over three weeks.  Our realtor tells us everything over $300,000 is like this.

- Yesterday I mentioned that our dryer is broken.  The good news is that it can be fixed (good news because I LOVE my commercial sized dryer which I can get a king sized comforter in) but the bad news is that it won't be fixed until Monday when the part comes in.  The other good news about this situation is that we DO have a clothesline (usually just for wet towels) and that it is summer.  I have been hanging all our clothes on the line, so at least I am still able to do laundry!

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