Friday, July 16, 2010

The results are in!

Clay has been obsessively checking the mail each day for a couple of weeks now, waiting for his AP Human Geography exam results.  They finally came yesterday, and he passed!! (For those who do not know what AP classes are, AP stands for Advanced Placement and they are college level classes.  Some universities will accept these classes for college credit.)

The kid is beyond thrilled.  And pretty proud of himself too (and so are we)!!  From what I understand, only about 25% of  9th graders pass this exam.

As a reward we promised to buy him a new fishing pole, so he can finally get that darned Tarpon that has been taunting him.

Paige starts two weeks of a ballet intensive next Monday, and is so excited.  She hasn't danced in over a month and I think she is getting a bit antsy!  She's also so excited to see all of her old friends from The Florida Ballet.  We ordered new pointe shoes for her about a week ago, and they should be arriving today or tomorrow so she can sew her ribbons on before Monday.

I am still in purging mode - yesterday I tackled Clay's closet.  I won't say much about that experience except, "Eeww.  Gross."  Today I may work on Paige's, although it isn't (hopefully) quite as deplorable as Clay's was!

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