Wednesday, July 14, 2010

NOW shopping is a pleasure!

The kids and I spent yesterday morning cleaning the house and (attempting) to hide the clutter that perpetually invades our home so that our realtor could take more photos.  Afterwards, we submerged ourselves in the pool and had a mellow afternoon.

At around 4:30 the kids reminded me that we were completely out of milk and bread.  I groaned in frustration, because my hair was wet and I really didn't feel like drying it, etc.  But then, I had an epiphany!

I grabbed some cash and put it in an envelope and on the outside of the envelope I wrote
lunch meat

I sent the kids in to Publix and told them that they needed to get those items, and I explained to them how to pick a fresh head of lettuce.  I told them that they needed to keep track of how much they were spending and that if they had enough they could get something else that they could pick out.
I sat in the car (with my wet and unattractive hair) and read a book while they did the grocery shopping!

Am I brilliant, or what?

The kids came out about 15 minutes later with everything on the list, plus some ice cream and a frozen pizza.  They were so proud of themselves for not buying the $4.99 pizzas, but getting the one on sale for $2.99.  They also told me that they bought me a special treat.  Plus I had change left over!

My little epiphany accomplished several things:
1.  I didn't have to go in the store. 
2.  Whenever I go shopping, I always buy way more than is on my list - this way we saved money.
3.  The kids are learning money management skills, and
4.  Hopefully since they realize how much stuff costs they will be less wasteful.

That was the BEST grocery shopping experience ever!

When we got home (and THE KIDS put the groceries away!!), Clay went fishing for a couple of hours.  Apparently it was a VERY exciting couple of hours.  First, he told me that he saw a bunch (a school?  a pod?) of manatees and that they were "jumping out of the water" and "jumping on top of each other".  Hmmm.  Now, I don't know how familiar you all are with manatees, but they are not generally known for jumping.

Not that I am doubting him or anything....I just wish I had been there to SEE this!  He did wonder if they were "getting it on".  I (just to bug him, because it is so much fun) asked him, "getting WHAT on?"  He sighed heavily.

He also told me another "fish story".  He claimed that he caught a Tarpon, but it got away.  Mmm Hmmm.  I hate to keep sounding like a doubting mama, but well....I was doubtful.  So I googled it.  And, much to my surprise, I found that Tarpon ARE found in the St. Johns River!  So.....who knows!

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