Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kumbaya and a bag of Fritos

C left today to be an LIT (leader-in-training, sort of like a counselor assistant) at camp.  He has been really looking forward to it, and was practically bouncing off the walls this morning.  Which, in case you were wondering, did rather detract from my zen-like feeling of peace this morning!
He had his bags packed and loaded in the car by 10:30.

Including the all important bag of junk food.  Ahem.  I mean "snacks".

At noon, I drove him over to his friend's house.  The friend is also LIT-ing at this session of camp, and his mother and I worked out a carpool so that we don't both have to drive.

Yes, the boy was SO happy that he even posed, willingly, for the paparazzi.  He even deigned to smile.

We got to the other boy's house and loaded all C's stuff into the back of their car.  "F's" bag is on the left.  C's stuff is on the right.
Goodness, I sure hope C hasn't forgotten anything!

Yep.  That was sarcasm.

Happy camping, boys!

My daughter and I will be bachelorette-ing it.  I don't know how we'll manage without C...but we'll give it a try.  We plan to watch So You Think You Can Dance, and lots of chick flicks, and eat chocolate.  P is going to blast her girly music as loud as she wants.  We will take bubble baths, because he won't be here to use up all the hot water!  The sports section of the paper will never get opened.  And C will probably be able to hear us screaming if we see a bug - even all the way over at Camp Weed!

He has asked me to send him a care package, and I said that I would.  I asked what he'd like me to send.  Can you guess what he wants?

C'mon...think like a teenage boy....

He wants more food.

Aw...I'm gonna miss my boy!

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