Friday, July 30, 2010

What makes this mama happy...

I am happy to have another rumbly, grumbly thunderstorm rolling through this evening.  There is just something so satisfying about being all cozy inside the house while the rain is pelting the windows and the thunder is booming outside.

Plus, I got to go outside and snap some photos of the threatening looking clouds as they roiled and churned across the sky.

Which was maybe not the smartest thing I have ever done since I also kept seeing the lightning which accompanied the big booms of thunder.

I snapped the pictures really, really, really fast.

I was Speedy Gonzalez with the camera.

And aren't those clouds cool looking?

I am so happy to have C home for a couple of days before he heads back to camp for one more week.  Just enough time for me to do the monstrous pile of laundry that he brought home.  And buy more junk food for him.

And yell at him about losing his retainer. Again.

Because that's what mamas do.

I am so happy that the first thing my sweet boy wants to do when he gets home, after giving his old mama a big hug, is to tell me all about his week and the campers and the counselors and the food (naturally!) and the other LIT's and about every single little thing he can remember!  I love that he still wants to share things with me.

I am also happy that Jack is feeling better today, and is feeling very affectionate.  He has been following me around all day and staying very close to me, purring all the while.  I think his little trip to the vet and his surgery may have freaked him out just a wee little bit.  I am certainly enjoying all the cuddling...

although it does make it difficult to accomplish anything!

I'm happy that Gus is being nice to Jack again.  Yesterday, when Jack came home (apparently smelling like the evil veterinarian) Gus wouldn't have anything to do with him.  Today, he seems to have forgiven Jack for smelling and being stinky.  Or else Jack smells better today.

I am happy that I don't have to wake up early tomorrow.
I am happy that I get to finish reading my book....

because it is so good, and I love this author.

Tonight I will finish reading this silly, funny, crazy book with a sweet kitty curled up next to me purring while listening to the booms of thunder and the sound of the rain, knowing that both my babies are home with me and that I get to sleep late tomorrow morning.

THAT, my friends, make this mama very happy.

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