Friday, July 23, 2010

Dinner with a view (a review)

Last night I dined at an exclusive French bistro with a gorgeous view.
It was called Le Restaurante de Clay et Paige.  The dress code was intriguing (pajamas!) and the service was superb!
Le Menu

My appetizer arrived in a timely manner, and was fresh and juicy as only Florida oranges can be!

Next came the tea selection...

...and then the tea (jasmine green tea) which I sipped while enjoying the view...

The ambience was delightful - peaceful and calm.
(You can't beat being served dinner in bed!)

The main course was Panko breaded Tilapia (previously frozen, shhh!) with a generous serving of Peas de LeSeur (low sodium) and Sauce Americain.

The chef/waiter was charming, if a bit under-dressed.  He spoke French only and although my French is a bit rusty, he communicated with his French, some rusty English and many gallic grunts and facial expressions.

The sous-chef was also quite charming, although she seemed to have a better grasp of English and not much French!

The fruit plate was delicious and the presentation was attractive as well.

All in all, it was a delightful dining experience, with fabulous service.
Although, I must admit to being a bit shocked when the "bill" (for fishing time owed) was presented.  It seems a bit pricey to me.

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