Saturday, July 31, 2010

The one where the paparazzi goes stalking and remembers having a life.

The kids went to a movie premiere today...a friend of theirs made a short film along with his drama class at school and premiered it at a local theater.  Afterwards, they went out to lunch with a bunch of their friends.

I went to the pet store to buy pet food.

What's wrong with this picture?

When did I become the boring old person who goes to the pet store for a good time, while my kids are out living it up at movie premieres and having lunch with their friends?


I'm having a pity party today.  I don't like being 46 and overweight with gray hair and wrinkles. I don't like not having friends to hang out with, and never going out.  I don't like being the designated driver (I mean that literally...being the one designated to drive the "fun" ones around) I want to have fun!!


Oh well.

Besides the "premiere" and lunch out that my children enjoyed, and the previously mentioned jaunt to the pet store, today was spent...
completely inside.  Another rainy afternoon here.

Gus lounged around watching the rain...

C was caught in the act with the dog on his bed!!  Not allowed!  Plus...LOOK at that room!

P was caught in the act snuggling with Jack.  And by the way?  Look at THAT room too!

And do you notice how Lucy manages to sneak into every photo?

Jack loves to burrow.  Under anything...blankets, arms, pillows...

Mr. Wonderful was caught in the act reading a magazine and hiding from the paparazzi.

Then I caught C doing this.

Instead of working on his Honors English project. 

Even though school starts in two weeks.

Unfortunately, I cannot report on a good portion of the day - oh maybe from about 2-4.  It seems that the old lady who lives here with the fun, popular people took a nap.


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