Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hot town, summer in the city, back of my neck gettin' dirty and gritty

Another lovely sunrise...

and it is already so hot that my camera fogs up as soon as I step outside...

Plans for today:

-  Paige has to be downtown at 8:30 for another long day of ballet, pointe, modern, and pirouette classes.
-  Clay will be going over to my mom's to pressure wash for her.
-  Tim and I will be cleaning out the guest cottage garage.
-  I will also be doing laundry.  Be still my heart.
-  I will go to Publix to buy ingredients for my chicken florentine lasagna to take to a friend who just had surgery.  (Feel better, Laurie!!)

Those are our plans, and there's not much else to say about today.

I did see a humongous roach by our sliding glass doors this morning.  Seriously - it had to be 3 inches long.  Huge.  Gross.  I hate those things.  Tim went to go get the nasty creature, and kept dropping it and so then I would shriek and he would laugh...and in the meantime, that hideous monster was heading straight towards me with an evil glint in it's eye.  Tim finally stopped goofing around and killed the dangerous beast right before it attacked me.  Whew...

That was when I realized that the cats were attacking something and chasing it around the house...it was a baby lizard/gecko/thing.  Paige saved it, but how are all these creatures getting into our house?  Perhaps I should add "call the bug service" to my list.  Please note that all of this occurred before I was even able to drink my coffee this morning.  That's just NOT right!!

That is the only semi-exciting thing that I have to share with you today.  Life has just been hot and boring around these here parts.

My "Murphy's Law" plan of attack for selling the house is kinda-sorta working.  I didn't clean (much) yesterday.  Well, I only cleaned the things that I absolutely couldn't stand to look at for another second...everything else I ignored.  Our realtor told us yesterday that several people have called about our house, one was going to do a drive-by, and there is a possible showing for next weekend.  So I plan to ignore as much of the mess in the house as possible again today, except for dealing with the piles of never-ending laundry and pet hair.

(1:30 PM Update:  The Murphy's Law Plan is definitely working.  We have a showing scheduled for Thursday morning, plus maybe the one this weekend.  The house is still messy, but I am focusing on cleaning other things (like ceiling fans, and shampooing carpet) and am leaving the "mess" alone.  For now....)

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