Thursday, July 29, 2010

Scary stuff. Really, really scary stuff.

I think everyone has something that they are afraid of.  Something that they are truly terrified of.  Something that the mere thought of makes them break out into a cold sweat, and their heart starts pounding in atavistic fear.

For me, this fear is bears and sharks.

There was a bear attack at a campground in Montana in the early morning hours yesterday.  In the middle of the night, people were sleeping peacefully in their tents when a bear attacked three people in three separate tents.  One man was killed, and two others were severely injured.

How horrible!

When I was about 14 and was babysitting, I watched a show on television about bear attacks.  It scared the you-know-what out of me.  I've never gotten over it.

This is my nightmare - being attacked by a bear.    

Bad bear!  

Bears freak me out.

Sharks also freak me out.  I am also pathologically afraid of sharks.  

I saw Jaws when I was 10 years old, and I've never been the same. (What was my mother thinking?!)

That is a scary, scary movie.

When I go to the beach, I won't go in past my knees.  Tim laughs at me, but you know what?  I've never been attacked by a shark.
So there.

Actually, if I'm being honest, I'm scared of a lot of things.
I'm afraid of bears, sharks, alligators, snakes, stingrays, crabs, bugs, lightning, electricity, and cancer.

But sharks and bears really horrify me.

Sharks and bears are scary, creepy, intimidating, carnivorous, man-eating monsters that inspire terror in me.

I have heard of other people who are similarly afraid of  other things...

Even airplanes.

Yawn.  Nope, those don't bother me at all.  But something about bears and sharks just make me want to scream in primal panic. 

What are you afraid of?

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