Saturday, July 10, 2010

Party like it's 1999

Clay had a get-together with some of his friends last night to celebrate his birthday - swimming, tubing, and a bonfire...along with hotdogs, chips & dip, and cake and ice cream.  Seeing as how he only made up his mind Wednesday to have a party on Friday, I think there was a pretty good turnout!  He had fun catching up with some old friends from his previous school, as well as new ones.  

Paige had fun with her two best friends (aka the little sisters), and I had fun with  Mrs. "S" (aka the Mom).  

Lucy had fun spending the entire evening in the pool, although she did get a bit frustrated when no one remembered to throw her ball for her!

Clay also had a friend spend the night, and they were up EARLY and out on the dock fishing.  They have been out there all morning, except for a brief detour so Clay could browse on Bass Pro Shop's website (Thanks Schaefers!).

We are planning on spending the rest of the day on the boat and relaxing by the pool, enjoying this gorgeous weather!

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