Monday, July 19, 2010

Just a few random thoughts about nothing much

* Murphy's Law:  Because I have been keeping the house super-duper clean and really staying on top of everything, there haven't been any showings.  As soon as I slack off and let my family's natural slovenly tendencies reappear, someone will call.

* I have decided to test this theory out and hence am NOT cleaning today.

* It's only noon and it's already starting to bug me...the dust, the pet hair, the piles of shoes by the front door, the piles of towels by the pool, the...stuff everywhere.

* Paige started two weeks of a ballet summer intensive this morning.  She is very happy to be back in the studio and see all her old friends from The Florida Ballet.  I am much less happy about having to get up early and drive her downtown.

* Clay got a new fishing pole yesterday.  He caught a catfish, but no tarpon...he says, "YET."

* Even though I am (pretending) to ignore the growing piles of stuff, and dust, and mess in my house I am still on my purging kick.  I have been cleaning out closets and organizing cabinets and am feeling great satisfaction in the monstrous piles of crap items we have absolutely no use for which have been going to Goodwill.

* Yesterday I did some stocking up at Whole Foods and then went out to the little Farmer's Market in their parking lot and bought the biggest, most delicious cantaloupe and watermelons and tomatoes and cucumbers and plums....

* I had a moment of panic yesterday, when I glanced at the calendar and realized that there is only one more month of summer vacation.  This summer is passing much too quickly...
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