Friday, July 2, 2010

Saying goodbye...

Today we said goodbye to an old friend.  It was time.  It was probably past time, but we have delayed the inevitable as long as possible. (Partly out of sentimentality and partly because he was paid for)

Henry Honda (christened by the kids many, many years ago) served us faithfully.  Henry was my car before the introduction of Holly Honda (the minivan).  We got Henry when I was pregnant with Clay.

Henry carried my hugely pregnant self to the hospital both times, and Henry carried our new born babies home from the hospital both times.

Henry has been to the beach, and the zoo, and museums and birthday parties.  He has taken us to waterparks and grocery stores.  He has made many trips to Target and Toys-R-Us.  He was a staple in the carpool line.

He has carried diaper bags, and Happy Meals, backpacks and soccer cleats and pointe shoes.

He probably STILL has petrified french fries hiding under his seats.

Henry has made many, many trips to the airport with Tim and was always faithfully waiting for him when he would return home.

He was dependable, efficient, and he has been a witness to most of our marriage and to Clay and Paige's childhoods.

Good bye old friend.
You will be missed.

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