Thursday, September 30, 2010


On February 16, 1990 I stepped on a plane that took me to Houston for 6 weeks of training.  I had been married for 3 days, and had been furloughed from my previous flight attendant position with Braniff Airlines for 4 months.

I met some wonderful friends in Houston as we learned the configurations of different aircraft, memorized city codes and P.A. announcements, and "evacuated" from the simulator (among other things).  After training, I was sent to my new base, Newark, where I was on reserve for several months.  I shared a crash pad with several other girls - all on reserve like me.  We all became extremely close, and we were all thrilled to learn that we would not be wearing the old, ugly aubergine (eggplant colored) uniforms but would be the first class to graduate right into the new navy uniforms.  It sounds like a small thing - but those aubergine uniforms were UGLY!  I googled and searched and searched and googled to try to find an image of one of them to show you just how butt-ugly they were, but I couldn't find a single image.  Not one!  

I finally received my transfer to Denver, where I was also on reserve.  Denver was a great base with fabulous people - many of them (and from my training class as well) I am still in touch with today.  During my 5 years with Continental I was also based for a short while in Cleveland, and then back in Newark again.  I met many wonderful people and a few very special friends.  I treasure those friendships and those memories still.

Today is the last day of Continental Airlines.  Tomorrow, October 1st, marks the beginning of the NEW United Airlines.  As a former employee of Continental, and the spouse of a United Airlines employee I look forward to this new beginning.  Today's post is both goodbye to Continental and hello to the new (and improved) United.  Aloha.

**With many thanks to Susan M., another former CAL employee, Here is a photo of the butt-ugly aubergine uniform (which looked much worse in real life, more faded and gross looking)...followed by the vastly improved navy (which I wore)....

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