Monday, September 13, 2010

A miracle in Four Mile Canyon

Last week I posted about our first home in Four Mile Canyon outside Boulder, and how concerned I was about the fire that was burning there.  The next day I posted again about our honeymoon house and why it was so special.

Today, finally, I learned that our old house survived the fire.

Even though many other homes were destroyed, one right above our old home, and flames came within a few hundred feet of the house, it survived.

For us, it was concern about a home we once lived in that held special memories for us...

For the family that currently lives there it was concern about their pet cat and everything they owned.  

169 other families in Four Mile Canyon weren't as lucky.  

Several years ago we visited friends and family in Colorado.  One day we drove with the kids into Boulder.  We showed the kids the apartments we lived in, the grocery store we shopped in, and we ate lunch at Juanita's on the Pearl Street Mall.  The kids climbed on the rocks while I browsed in one of my favorite stores, Peppercorn.

Afterwards, we drove up Four Mile Canyon to show the kids where we used to live.  I was amazed that we still remembered all the twists and turns to get there.

We stopped the car and took pictures of the kids in front of it.

It looked a bit different...but not really.

I'm happy that the old honeymoon house survived.  

I'll share one more memory of that day shortly after we moved there, I was lying on the deck trying to get some sun.  I was wearing a red bikini (obviously this back in the "pre-kid" days!).  My eyes were closed and I was relaxing when I kept hearing a buzzing around my head. I irritably waved my hand around my face.  A few minutes later, the buzzing began again...I slapped at the bug once again.  Moments later the buzzing started up around my head again.  I was quite irritated by this point with the annoying bug that kept diving at my head.  I opened my eyes to sit up and shoo it away and I saw...

...a little hummingbird.  He was fascinated with my red bathing suit.

I just sat there, mesmerized, as this tiny little hummingbird flitted inches away from my face...until he finally realized that I wasn't a big flower and he flew away.  

It was a magical moment...and a magical place.

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