Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nectar of the gods

Some mornings, it's nice to have a cup of coffee in the morning...

Other mornings, that cup of coffee tastes like the nectar of the gods.

This is one of those mornings.  For some reason last night I didn't sleep well.  I tossed and turned, and kept thinking about stuff.  Stupid stuff.  I couldn't seem to shut my brain off.  It was really annoying.

Thoughts of everything I need to do...schedule a dentist appointment for myself, a pediatrician appointment for the birthday girl, get new the boy new shoes, get a prescription refilled....blah blah blah.

Hence, this morning I feel sluggish and tired.

I need my coffee, because today will be a busy day.  The boys are going to the University of Michigan football game, and the girl and I have lots to do today to get ready for her birthday party tonight.

We need to clean the house for starters.  The pet hair is taking over again.

Then we need to go get balloons and party decorations.

We (ahem, I) need to bake a cake.

Then we will go pick up one of her dance friends from the dance studio.

The girls will have pizza for dinner.  They will decorate the cake that Betty Crocker and I will bake this afternoon.  They will watch movies, swim, play games.  I hope they will go to bed at a relatively reasonable hour.

I really, really hope so.

But...I kinda doubt they will.

I have a feeling tomorrow morning I will be inhaling the coffee again just to feel halfway human.

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