Thursday, September 9, 2010

Other stuff

I am still feeling sick.  Better, but still not so great.  I have had a sinus headache that will not go away for the past 3 days.  Because I feel yucky, and really have nothing new to say, I'll just share a couple of pictures I took the past few days...
C was supposed to be helping P with her Math...but he appeared to be spending more time hugging Lucy than helping P!
Lucy lying at their feet - before the lovefest.

Jack also lying at their feet (because he thinks he is a dog)

C driving the boat

C docking the boat (he did a great job!)

The eagles have been back the past few days...

A final note:  The last time I checked the list of confirmed destroyed homes (140+) our old (honeymoon) house was still not on it, however it said that there were still areas they could not get to because of active fires, especially the Logan Mill area.

The Logan Mill area is where our house was.

I'm still hoping and praying that by some miracle, the house is still standing.

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