Friday, September 24, 2010

Flashback Friday

When you look back on your childhood, are there certain toys or games that you think of?  

This blog mentioned an old television show called Family Affair, and I immediately thought of my Mrs. Beasley doll.  I loved Mrs. Beasley.  I loved Buffy too - I wanted to be just like her, but especially to have her hair!

If you don't remember this show or Mrs. Beasley, then obviously you are just a mere child.  I'm sorry for you for not getting to experience Uncle Bill, and Jody and Cissy and Buffy and especially Mr. French.  Try googling it - it was great!

Anyway, then I started to remember some other favorite toys...
Like the Fisher Price little people.  My brothers and I played with these for hours.  We had the house, and the farm, and the van.

And then I remembered my scooter.
I loved my scooter, but I guess I wasn't very good at it because I fell off it and busted my chin open and had to get stitches.  Twice.

For some reason, after the second time that I fell off the scooter and my mom had to rush me to the doctor for stitches with blood gushing everywhere..the scooter disappeared.
One of my favorite toys ever was my Baby Tender Love doll.  Santa Claus brought her to me for Christmas one year and I was so thrilled!

Of course, a few days later I found the packaging in the trash and began to question why Santa would have thrown the packaging away.  And why there was any packaging at all if his elves had really made her.  But that's a story for another day...
Lite Brite was another favorite, especially for rainy days.  Although, I do remember my mother complaining about those little pegs getting everywhere!
Ah!  Chrissy and Velvet.  Arent they SO 1970's looking?  Especially Velvet with her little Jan Brady side curls.  They were special dolls with groovy hair that grew- if you pressed their belly button and pulled their hair it would grow.
...and Kiddle dolls!  They were tiny little dolls that came with perfume.  I had a whole collection of them.
And then there were Dawn dolls.  They were about 4 inches tall...kind of like miniature Barbies.  Again, they're pretty 70's looking, aren't they?

There was a huge assortment of these dolls, but I remember the Jessica doll the best...

She was the "stewardess" doll.  I really dig those false eyelashes, man!

Maybe that doll influenced my career choice years later?

I also loved my bike with the nifty banana seat, and the streamers on the handlebars...and a cute little white handlebar basket with flowers on it.  I clipped playing cards to the spokes of the wheels so it would make that cool "fwap,fwap,fwap" sound...

Mr. Wonderful's favorite toys were the "Defender Dan" machine gun...
and the "Mighty Matilda" aircraft carrier...

And, while not a toy, I feel that I should also give an honorable mention to this shampoo...

Because I loved it!
I used it all through middle school...and it really did smell terrific, too!

What toys do YOU remember from your childhood?

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