Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Random, aimless, disparate, jumbled, various and sundry miscellaneous thoughts

In no particular order, here is a random assortment of the many rambling and disjointed thoughts I have bouncing around in my head today.  (Jeesh - no wonder I have a hard time sleeping sometimes!!)
* This is the sign our realtor brought out last week for Tim to put on the dock.  Last WEEK.  It's still sitting in the house.
(P.S.  Anyone interested in buying our house - call that number!!)

*  I went outside to take a picture of how low the tides have been lately, and it is so humid & steamy & muggy & stifling & oppressive that my camera kept fogging up  Still, I kind of like this photo because that is what it FEELS like!

When you walk outside, the air feels so thick that it almost takes your breath away.  

This was taken after wiping off the camera lens.

It is so hot and humid I have taken all of the houseplants outside.

THEY are enjoying the muggy, torrid air and are also quite pleased with the daily rain showers each afternoon.

* My boy doesn't care about how muggy it is...

This is his favorite way to spend a summer day.

*  Tim (and the kids) have discovered a previously unknown benefit to the ATT 
U-Verse....music channels...

One music channel in particular...that had several hours of Lady Gaga videos.

I decided to pass on this riveting entertainment.

THEY were spellbound.

* I slept really well last night.  I had weird dreams though.  I don't remember them - just that they were weird.

* Paige has an orthodontist appointment today.  She's hoping that he will tell her she will be getting her braces off soon.  Since she hasn't even had them on a year, I am doubtful that this will happen.  

* I need to schedule several doctor's and dentist appointments.

* My family is usually pretty good about hanging their towels up so they won't get soaked by the afternoon storms.

But, it appears that they forgot about the towels yesterday.
So I guess I will be doing a load of pool towels today.

In addition to the ton of laundry I need to do on a daily basis.

* I also need to go to the grocery store.

* I also need to pack...Tim and I will be driving Clay down to Fort Lauderdale early (really early) for the national competition for Taekwondo.

* I also need to clean the house - just in case someone wants to see it.

* Which brings me back to the first item bouncing around in my head...getting Tim to put the sign up on the dock.


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