Saturday, January 16, 2010

Empty Nest!

The kids left today for a couple of days at the Chapel House at The University of Florida with the church youth group.  I'm guessing they were a little bit excited about it - Clay woke up early, took a shower, packed, cleaned his room (all without prompting) and was ready to go by 9:30 am.  Unfortunately, they weren't leaving the church until noon.

I'm not really sure exactly what they will be doing there - but they are sleeping at Chapel House, which has couches instead of pews.  Sounds like fun!!  They rode down with Mrs. Whitelaw, who is the chaperone, and I think they were as excited about spending time with her as they were about the excursion itself!

After we dropped them off at the church, Tim and I went to the amazing and fun Chamblin's Bookmine (a HUGE used book store).  After browsing for a bit, we went to lunch, and now are planning an excitement filled afternoon of emptying and cleaning our pantry, and then painting it.  WOO HOO.  Be still my heart.
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