Friday, January 22, 2010

Quoth the raven, "Nevermore"....

Usually I love listening to the birds around here - the eagles and occasional heron.  But the past week or so, we have been hearing CAW CAW CAW constantly.  Every day.  This is unusual - I can't remember ever seeing/hearing crows.  Certainly not this many, for so long!  I think they are what made me start thinking about The Tower and the Yeoman Warders.  Crows=ravens=ravens @ the Tower=Tower-Yeoman Warders=it's raining cats and dogs!  See how my mind works?  Anyway, the crows are here and they are NOISY!

Tim and I went to Costco this morning - and that was about the most exciting thing to happen all day long (other than the crows of course!)  Paige has been studying for next week's tests and Clay has been doing FCAT Explorer online.

When we picked Gus up from the Vet on Wednesday after his surgery, we were told to keep him from jumping so that he doesn't injure his paws.  Right.  Easier said than done.  We have tried keeping him in Paige's bathroom the past couple of days so that he wouldn't try to jump on her bed, but he has just been whining and crying constantly - so we gave up today!  We let him out and he promptly ran and jumped on the bed and fell asleep.  I guess all that crying wore him out.  Poor little guy.  He hated being locked away from his people.
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