Friday, January 29, 2010

Paige finally finished up her second round of testing this morning, so my mom and I took her out to lunch at P.F. Chang's.  It was a fun, girly day - which we haven't done for a while!  (By the way, Mt. Vesuvius is still in residence upon my chin and annoying me greatly,  but make-up is a wonderful thing!)

Tim left for a (gasp) 6 day trip this morning, so the kids and I are just hanging out and doing absolutely nothing tonight.  Well, actually, I plan to slather my face (especially the aforementioned Mt. Vesuvius) with some of the kid's acne medication and hit the sack early.  The cumulative effect of all these early mornings is definitely catching up with me!  I did not cook dinner - I've been cooking all week, and there are plenty of leftovers.  Instead of cooking dinner, or being otherwise productive, I came home and put on pajamas and have been surfing the web and watching 
THIS!  Oh, I just love (hate) that show.  Seriously, these people can't be for real, right?  I mean NO ONE can REALLY be THAT self absorbed.  Can they?  Oh, this show makes me giggle.  Everyone has big, ol' fake boobies.  Everyone.  In this scene?  The one in the picture?  The brunette bimbo was walking her little weiner dog with the blonde bimbo.  There was lots of talk about superficial stuff and they had to stop to take the pink, glittery sweaters off the dogs because it was too hot, but I loved her walking outfit - the lowcut halter top, the super short shorts, and the high heeled flip flops.  Now, I don't know about you - but when I walk my dog (back when we had one!!) I was usually in sweats and tennis shoes.  I was definitely not making a fashion statement.  My "favorite" character is the Tamra bimbo.  The blonde one with the big fake boobs?  Ha ha....that was a joke because.....well, if you've seen the show you understand.  Anyway, she is the one who proclaimed that she is the "hottest housewife in Orange County".  She's very classy.  She also just bugs the crap out of me.  I want to slap her.

Another "fun" show?  Have you ever watched the Millionaire Matchmaker one?  Oh, that one is just delicious too.  The men are all (usually) in their 40's and they have been so busy making money that they just haven't met "the one".  So they get this matchmaker to find someone for them.  Oh, well, they DO have a few things they'd like....they all want beautiful models who are members of Mensa.  Really.  I kid you not.  It's quite amusing.

You're probably thinking about now that my taste in television is atrocious, so let me assure you that I RARELY watch this stuff.  In fact, I really don't watch much tv at all.  But sometimes....well, sometimes  pure trash tv is just what the doctor ordered...and today is a sit in front of the tv and watch mindless bimbos whine about something silly kind of a day.  So that's what I'm gonna do.
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