Saturday, January 23, 2010

Paige's Ponderings:

PAIGE:  I haven't put anything on the blog in a long time!  I have been studying all morning because it is testing time for school, but I am going to dance in a little while to work on the end of my solo (modern) dance because we have our first dance competition in a month or so.  Yikes!  My costume came though and it is pretty - it looks like a cloud.  Which is good because the name of my solo is "CLOUD".

It is really windy outside today.  But at least it is pretty warm.  Last weekend we went to Gainesville with our church youth group.  We slept in a church and ate a LOT of pizza!  The church had couches instead of pews so it wasn't that bad to sleep there.  I got to see my friend Toni who I had not seen since I was in 3rd grade!!  She is Bulgarian and we did rhythmic gymnastics together.  It was really nice to see her!
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