Saturday, January 9, 2010

No snow, but a cold, miserable day...

It is 1:39 pm and it is 36 bleeping degrees outside!!  Isn't that just ridiculous?  Even more ridiculous?  My precious children are outside sitting by the firepit.  They keep coming in and asking us if we are SURE we don't want to come outside with them.  Um, yeah - it's 36 bleeping degrees out there....I'm sure!!!  Huh.  Tim got home late last night and (HOORAY!!) the training center "bought" his next trip (a miserable 6 day trip to South America) so he is home for TWO WEEKS!!  So...the kids are outside getting all smoky and messing up my patio, and Tim and I are sitting in our nice warm house marinating steaks and just relaxing.  Later we will have a Star Trek (original series, season one) marathon.  Good times!

An update on the kid's cell phone situation:  Here's proof of what a bad, evil mother I am!!  They did clean, and I said, "sure, kids - I'll give your phones back" and then?  I didn't.  hee hee hee.  Oh, I am SO bad.  See, I have a pet peeve.  I will ask the kids to do something - empty the dishwasher, take out the trash, feed the cats, etc....and I will have to ask again and again and again before it will actually get done.  They will say, "yes ma'am" and then wait for me to ask them to do it again 137 times.  Before.  They.  Will. Actually. Do.  It.  It makes me crazy!!!!  Soooooo.......I decided I would give them a taste of their own medicine.  They keep asking me, "Mom, can we have our phones back?"  and I cheerfully say, "Sure"...and then ignore them.  I think they have figured out what is going on.  Eventually, (after they have asked me 137 times) I will say, "oh, oops - I DID say I'd give them back, didn't I?  Here ya go!"

Do you think this will change their attitude?

Me either.
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