Sunday, January 31, 2010

You say potato, I say Po-tah-toe....

In yesterday's post I mentioned that Clay was making grilled cheese sandwiches, which Tim calls "toasted cheesies".  Then, in the comments of another blog which I read there was a whole conversation about "soda" versus "pop".  Which started me thinking about all of the other strange interesting things that Yankees Midwesterners Michiganders Tim says.

He calls our laundry room the "wash room".  Which makes me think of 
I prefer laundry room.

He pronounces "roof" like "ruff"...which makes me think of
He pronounces "couldn't" like "cuhnt".  I won't show you the image THAT makes me think of.

He doesn't do this anymore, but others (in his family) do.  Hamburgers are "hamburgs"...which makes me think of

Highways are "E-ways" (for expressway).  I don't even know what to say about that one.

He calls all cups, even plastic ones, "glasses".

Pajamas are "pa-jeeah-mas"

Didn't is "dint".  Which makes me think of 

Cabinets are "cupboards".

In spite of all the weird different things he says though...I love that guy!  He is a wonderful husband and father!  
Tim/Daddy rocks!

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