Friday, January 29, 2010

Here comes the sun.....

Yesterday's "live" blog was sort of fun!  A lot of work, but fun.  I think that we will all really enjoy looking back on our day when I get the blog book for 2010 printed out.  I also loved all the feedback!

I am annoyed.  Life is just not fair.  Not only am I dealing with gray hairs and the beginnings of wrinkles...but - at 46 years old - I am also still dealing with acne.  It just doesn't seem right that in addition to applying hair color and moisturizer, I am also having to borrow pimple medicine from my teenagers!  Grrr.....Other things which I am pondering this morning, as I sip my second cup of coffee with Italian Sweet Cream (I LOVE that stuff!) and try to get moving....why are the sunrises most beautiful on cloudy mornings?  Why does everything in the house break whenever my hubby goes out of town?  Why do teenage boys think it looks cool to have droopy pants with their boxers showing?  Why does my house get SO dusty SO quickly?  Why does my black cat, Chloe, love to lie on my white, fluffy bathroom rugs as soon as I wash them (which necessitates the need to re-wash them)??  And so forth and so on.  

Enough pondering....I have things to do....It's FRIDAY!!
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