Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Seriously, snow?? In Florida???

That's right, folks - the forecast is for possible sleet and/or snow on Thursday. In Florida.  And temps will be BELOW freezing all week long.  Well below.  As in last night was in the TEENS!!  Our poor old heat pump is having a hard time keeping up with these ridiculous temperatures.  When Paige heard the forecast for sleet/snow (maybe) on Thursday, she just let out a big groan...she has had ENOUGH of the snow!

You can see in the photos that all of our plants are covered up...which usually works when we have one or two nights below freezing.  This?  A week of this?  I'm not so sure it's gonna work.  Anyway, even though it is ridiculously cold - it is a beautiful day!

I just ran to Costco to stock up on various and sundry Costco type items, and Tim took the kids to see Avatar.  Has anyone else seen it?  I know it's gotten good reviews, blah blah blah....but honestly?  I had absolutely no desire to see it.  Maybe I'll catch it when it comes out on DVD.
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