Wednesday, January 27, 2010

SunSET for a change

Tim got home last night (Hooray!), but he is only home for two days (Boo!).  Still, it's so nice when he is home - I feel like life is just more balanced when he is here.  My favorite thing to do (which I think he hates) is when the kids start bugging me with questions I love saying, "Go ask your Dad."  He took the kids to Taekwondo this evening to give moi some "alone" time.  Much needed, and much appreciated!
I have been reading a book and snacking on popcorn and listening to the sound of the dryer - absolutely loving the (relative) hour and a half of peace and quiet.  The pics today are of the sunSET for a change...we don't actually see the sunset, but the sky is a pretty pinkish color, and the moon is already out.  Lovely.

Since hardly anyone "follows" this blog (I don't blame you - I'm not really sure what following actually does!)  I decided to install a "counter" to try to keep track of how many people actually do read this.  (Because I know there are more than 7 of you out there from your comments to me!!)  Unfortunately, I kept popping back over here to see if it is working, so quite a few of the visits for today are mine!!  Which sort of defeats the purpose, don't you think?

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