Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Manic Tuesday!

Tuesdays are crazy days....I took Paige to her Math tutor and while she was there I made a quick trip to Publix, then picked Paige up and rushed to pick Clay up from school.  Once we arrived at the house I began making dinner while the kids took the trash out and did homework...a quick dinner, and then it's off to dance and Taekwondo.  I have a brief respite from all the running around before I need to pick them both up....Thank goodness Tim is getting home tonight, so he will pick Clay up from Taekwondo for me ( which is a HUGE help, because both kids finish up at the same time...tough for me to be in two places at one time!)  Look what Clay found in the yard when he was taking the trash cans out (I thought these guys were all hibernating or something!)

If you want to make your family very, very happy then make this for dinner.  (Although, be warned - this is NOT low calorie!!) Yummy chicken florentine lasagna.  I'm happy that it will be waiting here for Tim...he loves it too.

If you want to make yourself happy, then have one of these for dessert.  Only 60 calories.  This is my new favorite indulgance.  Mmmmmm.......

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