Sunday, January 24, 2010

Paparazzi shots....

Tim left for a three day trip, and the kids and I slept late and had cinnamon rolls for breakfast...this morning is going to be spent cleaning this messy house, and the afternoon will be study time for both kids.  Clay has a Math test tomorrow and Paige will start testing tomorrow (lasting all week long).

Paige loves her new ipod....methinks it makes the cleaning more fun??  It's funny to listing to her singing along to old Madonna songs while she wipes the counter.  Clay is attempting to look really busy, while letting his sister do the majority of the work.  I think I'll go let him know he is BUSTED!!

I woke up this morning with a sore throat and a headache...took two Advil, but now the headache is coming back...I was rummaging around looking for more Advil and Clay asked me what was wrong...I told him that Mom wasn't feeling so great.  My sweet kids then insisted that I go lie down...Clay got the bed tray and told me that he and Paige would take care of everything, bring me lunch and make dinner and that they would clean the house and I "should just rest".  Aren't they the BEST kids??  I feel a little bit guilty (I'm not really sick, just feel kinda yucky)....but I am lying here with a purring kitten curled up next to me, the windows are open and I am listening to the breeze and the waves and the birds....aaahhh....

My kids ROCK!
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